Friday, October 31, 2014

Fly Friday: Haunted Mansion

Top:Forever 21(similar here and here)
Skirt: Amelia's Fashion Exchange
Sandals: Target (similar)
Bracelet: Jewelmint
Ring: Gift
Nail Polish: Julep 

I hope all of you are having a spook-tacular Halloween. Yes I went there... again. Today I am dressed up as Alice (surprise surprise). I will post some pictures for you all on Tuesday. It has been great fun though. I went to Common Grounds and had Alice called out when my drink was ready, I was applauded by a random fellow Baylor student on my way to class, and I made a scene by walking into class a minute late carrying a big stuffed Cheshire Cat. Halloween is by far one of my favourite holidays, tied only with Christmas. It is just so fun and there is something about October that I cannot help but be in love with it.

Not too long ago Taylor and I had one the most exhilarating, yet terrifying photoshoots either of us had ever been on. There is this house in Cameron Park that I've been in love with since I first stumbled upon it my freshman year here at Baylor. Normally the gate is dead bolted shut and the house appears as if it has been laying dormant for years, however whenever we swung by there we found it in a very different condition.

I had mentioned that I wanted to shoot this outfit there because I thought it was very fitting for the overall feel I was trying to create, so thankfully Taylor was up for it and we made our way to the house. When we arrived the front gate was open and there appeared to be lights on in the house. Well one light really, and it was coming from the hall bathroom. Naturally, we knocked to ask permission, however after several minutes of knocking no one came to the door. We decided we would go ahead and do a quick shoot and ask for forgiveness in the event someone came to the door later on.

There is something about being on someone else's private property that is terrifying. Especially when their property looks like this. The entire time I was standing in front of the door I was afraid someone would open it and be a). furious that we were on their property or b). snatch me inside and turn me into a stew. Not to mention that when we rounded the corner of the house to take some pictures near the woods we heard what sounded like a small child screaming. It was terrifying.

If I look as if I am uncomfortable or scared for my life in any of these pictures it is because I most definitely was. We packed up as soon as we got all of the shots that we needed and nearly ran back to my car. I later found out that this house is apparently called "The Witch's House" by local Wacoans... so that's fun. I'm just thankful I found that out AFTER shooting there without the owners permission. I just pray that Taylor and I do not have some weird spell on us now.

The house, however creepy it was, definitely captured the vintage/romantic/old look that I was going for, and it really was an experience to shoot there. Thanks for tuning in and have a great rest of your Halloween!

Stay Golden,


If you've ever been on some super fun/slightly illegal/ photoshoots or have had some creepy encounters I would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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