Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fly Friday: Saturday is the New Friday

Top/Jeans/Booties: Forever 21
Scarf (similar): Grae Apparel
Socks/Pea Coat: Old Navy 

Let's just pretend today is Friday, okay? Okay good. 

I had an incredibly busy day of work and interviews so I was unable to post at my regular time. When I got home it was close to 10, so I wasn't going to bother posting then. Thanks so much for sticking around though! 

On another note my interview was fantastic and I absolutely love the company. Landing this internship would be a dream, so keep me in your prayers/wishes! 

I took these photos in the early am, so it was really really chilly out and that is why there is a pea coat in some of these pictures. This obviously doesn't apply to people in Texas, but those of you that live in cooler climates can run with the pea coat. I got this coat for $15 at Plato's Closet. Talk about a deal. 
I've honestly been living in this sweater lately. It just looks great with everything, so I can't help but pair it with everything. 

I have so much more to get done today though, so I am going to have to head out. Thank you for tuning in! I'll see you guys on Tuesday.

Stay Golden,



  1. This outfit is gorgeous. Love the booties + bright red coat!

    1. Thank you so much Abbey for your kind words!