Friday, October 10, 2014

Fly Friday: I Have a Hat.

All photos were taken by my talented buddy Mitch. 

I just don't even know you guys.
That is a little better. It is all in the preparation my friends.

Top(similar here and here)/Hat/Booties: Forever 21
Skirt: Ruche
Belt: Lavo
Bracelet (similar)/Ring: Jewelmint

Happy Friday my friends! I, for one, could not be happier that it is Friday. I have an incredibly long weekend of football games, work, and hugging ahead of me so you could say I am pretty excited for it. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE COMING TO WACO. I get my dearest friend Madison, my blonde counterpart Allie, and my wonderful mother and kid brother this weekend. I am stoked. 

So naturally I celebrate with new clothes (I apparently celebrate a lot of things). This skirt is probably one of my favourite recent purchases. Ruche sent it in an email and then again posted it on Instagram, so that was basically a sign that I needed it. This is my first ever Ruche purchase. I've perused their site for a couple years now, but could never bring myself to splurge on anything.  I have several items that are listed on their site, but I've never actually gone through Ruche to get them.  Now I have, and I am in love. Their customer service rocks and the shipping process was surprisingly painless, which is a rarity. 

Moral of the story: Ruche is a splendid company, and definitely worth looking into. 

Anywho. I was having a conversation about hats the other day with my friend. This particular style of hat is currently everywhere, yet I never actually see people wearing them. I love my hats, but even I hardly wear them besides for photoshoots. I just carry them around with me almost like a hand-bag, without ever actually putting it on my noggin' where it belongs. I just need to move to England I think. They have tea, hats, and basically everything else that is fantastic. 

Maybe someday, but in the meantime I'm going to enjoy life here in good ole' Waco. Thanks for stopping by!

Stay Golden,


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