Friday, October 24, 2014

Fly Friday: Grae From Head to Toe

All photos by Grace over at My Spare Oom

(Similar) Top/Skirt/Sandals/Necklace: Grae Apparel
Cuff: Forever 21
Ring: Jewelmint
Lipstick: ModelCo in Kitty

Hello there and Happy Friday! 

I could not be more ready for this weekend. It hasn't been a bad week or anything (quite the opposite really), I'm just excited for the events in store. Tonight I'll get to laugh till my stomach hurts while watching Guerrilla Troupe perform, and tomorrow Waco is hosting some sort of Farm Day that will have pumpkins and fall festivities, so I will be attending that as well! It should be great fun. 

Today's post is titled Grae From Head to Toe, and rightly so. Literally everything that makes up this outfit, aside from the cuff and the ring, is from Grae Apparel. Now if you've been around my area of the blog world for a while you've probably heard me rave about them before, but just in case you are new I'll catch you up to speed. 

Grae Apparel is a boutique within Spice Village located here in Waco, TX. They have a great mix of trendy and classic pieces for fabulous prices, however they buy in small quantity thus when you see something you like you have to get it otherwise it could be gone tomorrow. I happen to work there and it has been one of my favourite job experiences thus far. If you are in the Waco area you have to stop by, and for those of you who aren't anywhere near here, they will be opening their online site soon! 

Seeing as how it is still hot here in Texas with highs in the 80's all week long, I'm still wearing skirts and these sandals like its nobody's business. This top is my favourite and I wear it more than it probably ever wanted to be worn. It is soft, casual, super comfy, and perfect. End of story. I purchased the skirt knowing that I could use it for both summer and fall. Its bright colour makes it suitable for the warmer days, but it also allows me to style is with darker colours such as black or navy for a good fall statement. Also I love pleats, so there's that. 

Lately I've been all about comfy, yet cute and effortless outfits. There is honestly no better way to achieve that look than through separates. Words I thought I would never say being a dress-lover at heart, but I've found it to be true my friends. I hope this post serves your inspiration well! Until next time.

Stay Golden,


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