Friday, August 16, 2013

The Little Things

    So it's that time again... yep, time to go back to school. Huzzah! But really, I'm actually super amped to have Baylor restored to its normal, bustling self and to be able to see the awesome faces of my beautiful friends again. However, there is something else that accompanies this time of the year (it's not nearly as cheery), and that is saying goodbye. Now I have been in Waco all summer and have not really had a decent amount of time to spend with my family, but I'm not sure if that makes this goodbye any easier. If I'm being entirely honest, it sucks knowing that this week is all I will really get to spend with them before school starts back up again, but you want to know the wonderful thing? I get a week with my family, and hey, that is better than nothing. 

My family has never really been big on spending "quality" family time together, but that does not go to say that we do not enjoy one another's company. I think we really just get sick of one another if we stay in the same room for more than an hour or so (makes family time a little hard, eh?). But let me tell you, that hour kicks most other hours in the behind. It doesn't matter if we are watching Doctor Who, or having impromptu photo shoots, it is just lovely to be in their company. It's safe to say that I will miss them greatly, and that this goodbye will be just as hard as the previous ones. 

*And yes, I'm writing this post in between one of those hours in which we tolerate one another. Sometimes all you need is some chocolate almond milk, a comfy bed, and Jimmy Eat World. *

Now enough of that mushy stuff. That impromptu photo shoot I mentioned earlier is what I am really here to talk about. After rolling out of bed this morning, and very gracefully walking into my mother's bedroom, my younger brother Bretton, aka Bret, comes flying out of the bathroom in this oddly fashionable outfit that accentuated his quirky personality and goofy smile. I meant to say "good morning," but instead I heard myself say "I'm taking pictures of you for my blog." Luckily for me, he readily agreed. I hastily threw on my shoes and the two of us ran out to the street and I began snapping away with my horribly mangled iPhone. Keep in mind, I do not claim to be a photographer, so do not expect some spectacular works of art, I just wanted to document his gnarly outfit. So after rolling around in the street and looking like a couple of maniacs, this is what we came up with. Enjoy.

Let us all admire that choo choo train tie clip. 
My personal favourite. 

It's the little things like laughing with your kid brother in the middle of the road that make life worth cherishing. And it's little things like this that I plan to fill the remainder of my week with my family with. Now I do believe I've been in hiding for long enough. Time to go inhale some glorious vegan meal that my lovely mother has concocted. 

Until next time.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Well, this is it. I'm no longer a teenager. I wish I could say some glorious wave of maturity and grace washed over me as I woke up this morning to get ready for work. But alas, i found myself singing the Lion King soundtrack and tripping over my dog as I tried to make my way out of my room. The truth is, nothing has changed and I'm glad. People always say that they are so ready to grow up and turn the 'magical' ages of 16, 18, and 21, so they may drive to their hearts content, dance the night away and gloat to the world that they are officially and adult, and finally say that they can drink. To tell you the truth, I never plan on growing up. I don't want to sit in a box all day, I don't want to leave behind the things that comfort me, and i definitely don't want to leave behind the friends i have made before 'adulthood' arrived. 

The thing that I keep thinking about while typing is this : “If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!” ― J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan)

Now, I'm not saying I'm never going to get a job, or I'm never going to have a family, etc. etc. What I am saying is:
I will never deny myself laughter when I feel the need to laugh.
I will never stop watching Disney movies 
I will never stop reading
I will never stop learning
I will never stop being a hopeless romantic
I will never not cry while watching Les Miserables
I will never stop being a klutz
I will never stop reading Harry Potter
I will continue listening to music obnoxiously loud in my car.( Yes I am one of those whippersnappers.)
I will never quit something I love because 'It's not practical
I will love what I do, and do what I love
I will love my friends and family. Always.

      And now, my life through the years.

1 - I don't remember my life. I was little. How am I supposed to know.

2- My sister was born. I treasured the last moments of my single child life that would never return (just kidding. I love my sister).

3- I stepped foot in one of my favorite places on earth for the first time: Disney World. I loved it so much, I thought I would help Mickey out with his parade and join in.

4- At this time, I'm pretty sure I was into ballet. Apparently it's bad if you keep spinning after everyone has already left the stage. 

5- I remember praying for God to give me a brother. He did! 

6-  My fashion sense was at it's highest. Complete with awkward bandanna dresses.

7- The year 2000.  Woohoo! I actually don't remember much about this year. 

8 - I made the trek from Georgia to Colorado. Goodbye peaches, hello 6 foot snow drifts.

9- Ski lessons + klutz= rolling snowball.

10-  Violin and piano lessons had begun. 

11- Braces, glasses, middle hair part. I'll spare you the pictures.

12- More Violin, more awkwardness, and more snow.

13- I remember getting my ears pierced. I was particularly obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, so I thought I would express my love through earrings.

14- This is the year we decided to move to TEXAS. At the time, I was devastated, but honestly it was the best thing that could have happened to me.

15- First year in Texas, humidity, and public school. 

16- Drumline! Wee! This is where I found my people and my passions. This is when I met my best friends Hannah (and momma Frey) and Caitlin. This is when I found music and art

17- By this time, I was a pretty cool  kid... Maybe not, but I made good grades, marched on drum line, and made snow cones after school. 

18- FREEDOM! (not). College Applications, Drum-line Auditions, Graduation, LIFE

19- This time last year I was a shy college freshman, surrounded by other college freshman on Drum-line. This time last year I became a Baylor Bear, and met some of my favorite people.

20- Today. So far I have showered, ate some yogurt, and drove to work. Simplicity is what I like. I know I will spend the evening with my family and Hannah, eating fondue and probably playing Disney Scene it. Years ago I would have demanded Chuck E Cheese  with a new Barbie, now a cup of tea, music, and a good book will appease me. 

So thank you. Thank you to every single person that has made the last 20 years of my life the best I could ever hope and pray for. 

- Jessica

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Somewhat Relevant Start-Up Post that Will Probably Get Deleted Eventually

So I'm probably about to get obnoxiously personal with this first post, but oh well. This is just a snippet of how I deal with this thing called life. So here goes nothing. 

*oh... it should also be noted that this post is geared more towards girls, but guys, if it applies to you to then, hey... more power to ya.*

-Appearance Issues.

     So I, along with basically every other female in this world, struggle with my appearance. This might not work for everybody, but here are some things that I do to feel better about myself. (Do not judge me)

1. Get ready in your bra and underwear. No seriously, just take in what you look like. The mirror will deceive you, but once you look long enough you begin to notice all the positive things about yourself. You cannot possibly begin to love yourself if you cannot even look at yourself basically naked in the mirror. If you are alone, or just do not care, walk to your kitchen and eat your breakfast like that. Eat something that will make you feel awesome, like peaches. I feel like Superwoman when I eat those things. The longer you can be that exposed the better, I promise you that you will begin to feel more comfortable as time goes on.(Guys if you wanna try this, by all means do)

2. Try your best every time you get ready. I know that there is the occasional "Oh hey! I was supposed to be up 30 minutes ago" day, and that's fine. I am personally a believer in the idea that it is "better to arrive late, than ugly." It really is not that hard to put a little effort into your appearance everyday. Wake up earlier if you have to, trust me it will be worth it.     


              Do not be scary Beyonce, be fabulous Beyonce.

3. This is almost an extension of #2, but people react differently based on your appearance, sad, but true. So go ahead, put on the dress, do your hair, grab your favourite shade of lipstick and go to town. I swear there is no better feeling than being complimented by a complete stranger that you pass on your way to class. 

4. High heels. Put those little devils on your feet. Heck, you are going to get blisters and your feet will be killing you by the end of the day, but you will look mighty fine all the while. 

5. It's so cliche, but you have to do it. Look in that mirror and just be like "Dang gurl, you foxayyy." *ahem* or a phrase similar to it. 

- Life changes, get used to it, because I promise you that is the one thing that will never change. Cry about it if you have to, but please pull yourself back together afterwards. "Forget your feet and where they fall, lift your head, carry on." -Hands Like Houses

-Breakups or Separation in General

1.They suck and there is no way of avoiding that, but don't let that ruin you. One too many times I have let the loss of that particular part of my life consume me and make me pathetically depressed, and I hated every second of it. Because really, who likes being depressed? I just like smiling, smiling is my favourite.

2.Change things up a bit. When someone important to you leaves, it is so easy to leave things exactly the way he or she left it, at least it is for me anyways. Push the chairs back in, empty the glasses because you are only not allowing yourself to heal by keeping those memories there. I'm sure your room is messy, go clean it. Get up off your sorry bum and rearrange your place, creating a new living space helps more than you would think.

3. Again, dress up. As the beautiful and brilliant Elizabeth Taylor once said "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." If you look good, you feel good. Go to your closet and pick out your favourite outfit and make yourself pretty, even if you don't feel pretty on the inside. You're beautiful and now would be the time to play on that. YOU'RE FREE. 

4. I find exercise to be immensely helpful, for it relieves stress and just makes you feel down right gnarly.   

5. For the love of God, do NOT be alone. You have friends for a reason, and I'm certain that all of them are more than ready to be there for you to take your mind off things. No matter how strong you think you are, you're wrong. We all need somebody to just hug our neck and tell us that everything is alright. When they invite you over for dinner or to go see a movie, do not blow off their attempts to help. It hurts you and it hurts them. Do not let your pride or surly attitude ruin something as great as a friendship.

6. Lastly, and probably most importantly, it is okay to cry, to feel pain, and to be upset. As previously stated, change is hard, especially when it deals with having a person leave your life. So please do not be afraid to do so. There is something so liberating about screaming, crying, and boxing your pillow. I often find that was all I needed and then I feel fabulous afterwards. Just do not allow yourself to stay in that state, you're better than that. There are people out there that would kill to see you smile, to hear you laugh, and those people are the ones worth holding on to. 

If all else fails, give yourself a shampoo mohawk