Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where I've Been.

Hello there! 

I have a somewhat different type of post for you all today. It is very picture oriented and it is my way of showing you what I've been up to lately. One of the first pictures that I took with my new camera was the first picture listed below, and for some reason I fell in love with the idea of it. Since then I have been attempting to capture similar pictures in the different places that I have been, and I plan to continue this for all the new places that I have yet to encounter. 

I hope you enjoy my little 'project,' if you will, and the journey that comes along with it.

Where: Home for the Holidays. 

The annual Kline truffle making and our flavouring of choice. 

Besides our Christmas bear this is one of my favourite decorations that we have in our home. The attention to detail is impeccable and not to mention it's been in my family since before I can remember.  
Where: Arizona, at some huge botanical garden/ zoo thing. 

Hale and I enjoying this lovely cactus. Arizona's cacti are like bunny rabbits if you know what I mean. 
I fell into a cactus for this shot. You're welcome. 
I'm not sure why, but I love this picture. It became kind of a running joke because of how religious it looks. Anywho, I have some ridiculously photogenic friends. Like seriously, look. 
Pretty Jessica is pretty. 
I'm not sure what my face is up to in this picture, but yeah. Kennedy and I. 
She has some heartfelt experiences with a lot of things apparently.
I just had to do it. 
See what I mean?

Back home for a little celebration.

I turned 20. That was... uneventful. Still the same girl and no amount of non-teenager wisdom has entered my disorganized brain. I did get to eat some pretty fantastic cake made by my lovely mother though. A devil's food cake with mocha frosting and a white chocolate Bailey's whipped cream in the middle. Yeah, I know. 
Where: Austin, Texas to pick Nicholas up from the airport. Specifically El Arroyo, AKA the Ditch.
Where: Cameron Park in good Ole Waco, Texas

The gate to one of my most favourite houses in Waco. 
Where: The Brazos

It's comforting to know that you don't have to go everywhere alone. 

It's nearly impossible to beat a Texas sky. 

Where: Common Grounds. Waco, Texas.

Now here I am, back in the swing of things. I had a fairly quiet morning and was preparing myself for my second, yes second, exam of this semester, which I am happy to announce went relatively well. The wind made it almost unbearable to be outside, which is why I think it was so quiet this morning, but it was worth enduring that for a few minutes to enjoy the beauty that I am surrounded with here at Baylor. 

Thanks for viewing!

Stay Golden,

xx Caitlin.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sweet Sincerity

As Caitlin had previously posted, blogging has indeed been neglected, especially by me. Caitlin's writing has been feeding this blog wonderfully, and I feel extremely inadequate due to my 1) lack of attention to it and 2) rather hectic life. But that's what makes writing all that more rewarding, the fact that someone out there takes time out of their life to read about mine, that feels pretty nice.

With every new year, changes, of course, must happen. No matter how much they suck, or how awesome they may be, they are a part of your story. 

For instance, the Band took a phenomenal trip to Arizona over the New Year, and I became closer to my friends, and made new friendships. I will never forget almost running into a Cactus, and those 20 hour bus rides filled with Vulnerability and Disney Movies. The bad part? Losing the Fiesta Bowl. At the time, we were crushed, but honestly, It doesn't bother me. No matter how much of a cliche it is, the journey we all had really was the whole point of the trip, for me anyway.

I'm not going to lie, it's good to be back at Baylor. I love my family and visiting home, but as strange as it sounds, I missed school. I'm pretty pleased with my classes this semester after freaking myself out over art supplies and scheduling, and I am hoping to post more of my artwork up here as it progresses. 

Along with new classes, comes new seasons....of our favorite shows. Let me just say that SHERLOCK. WAS. FANTASTIC. That's all I have to say about that. Spoilers.

Although it was probably a bad idea to start a  new series at the beginning of a new semester, I can't get enough of Downton Abbey. Just watch it.

So here we are. Almost done with January, and I still haven't gotten used to writing a 4 instead of a 3 at the end of the year. New Years resolutions are more manageable this year, so I thought I would share a few.

1) Be Healthier 
Over the past couple years I have attempted to become comfortable and confident in who I am no matter what size I wear, and I believe that I have achieved that. I do want to lose weight, but not to fit into that perfect outfit that plaster magazine covers. I want to be able to run without stopping, to have a stronger core for Drumline , and be able to feel my best when I graduate College. 

2) Travel
I talk all the time about how I "wish I could go there" or "when I get older, I will visit", but I have never actually done anything about it. God has put HUNDREDS  of incredible cultures, countries, landscapes, and experiences on this earth, and I want to learn about as much as I can. 
So, I have decided to commit to myself that I will do whatever it takes to Study in Florence, Italy for the Spring Semester of 2015. I have a year to plan, save, get fit, and pray that my travels will be great. Buone cose arriveranno. Good things will come.

3) Laziness
Simple, to stop being idle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with relaxing after a long day, but I have bad habits that need to die. I put things that don't truly matter in front of the more important things in my life.

There you have it. My January in a nutshell.  Thank you all kindly for popping by!

Toodles! - Jessica

Friday, January 24, 2014


It sure has been a while since you guys have heard anything that I have to say, and I am truly sorry about that. It's been eventful to say the least around here and I honestly put blogging on the back burner. I know, I know, shame on me. I'm back now though, and I won't be disappearing like that again. Thanks to those of you that stuck around during my little holiday.

Anywho, I just wanted to say hello. I found myself with a little extra time on my hands today and I am just sitting here enjoying -as much as one can- this obnoxious weather that Waco is currently witnessing. I've got a big cup of hot chocolate and an oddly positive/ motivated outlook today, and let me tell you guys; it does wonders. Seriously though, I am so ready for today and I have no idea why... it is a funny, yet refreshing feeling.

HA! It's funny how quickly things change. I wrote the first half of this post as I was waiting for my 9:30 class to start, but now its the end of my school day and my outlook isn't near as cheery. To those of you that know me personally, you know how snarky and sarcastic I am...well believe it or not that part of me is amplified up in that things that sits between my oddly large ears. I provide little monologues to keep myself entertained as I walk and I make up scenarios for, and often mock the people that I pass. I find it to be quite amusing, and this afternoon it was in full swing and I was not holding my thoughts back one bit.

The weather had quickly been deteriorating all day; getting worse as each minute ticked by. I got off work around three and after awkwardly flinging my body into the ginormous brass doors of the lovely Armstrong Browning Library in order to open them, I stepped outside and was greeted with rain. Excuse me, I meant something more along the lines of little icy bullets threatening to end my life with every step I took after parting my workplace... or at least that is what it felt like anyways.

Now I know people living up North or somewhere where snow is an actual thing and temperatures of 32 and below are normal for you are probably laughing and wishing you could experience this. Seeing as how I am not used to weird ice rains of death though, I found this to be a particularly miserable experience.

Moving on. I instinctively reached for my hood to pull it up over my head to provide some sort of protection from the wanna be snow and realized I had no hood. TWO JACKETS ON AND I HAD NO STINKIN' HOOD. So I found myself in one of those half walk/ half run kind of things where you look as if you are trying frolic, unsuccessfully, through some field of pretty daisies, stumbling all the while. My hands were balled up into fists that I shoved into my pockets the moment I started my trek, and with the amount of force that I was using to keep them there, I was sure they would  punch out the bottom of my pockets.

The rain, or sleet... or whatever it was stung like crazy, and to top it off it was coming down in a side-ways manner due to the heavy gusts of wind that kept threatening to knock me over as I ran. And with my face being completely exposed to these horrendous elements, I'm pretty sure I got a brain freeze. Not even joking. It felt like I had been munching on ice cream for a couple minutes straight. By the time I got to where I was heading I had no feeling left in my face and I was fairly soaked, that was not a pleasant feeling.

I had been talking to myself this entire time too; cursing the weather and commenting on the people that looked as if they were suffering just as much, or more than I was. Honestly, I was cracking myself up, like it was bad guys. I'm just going to go ahead and say that it was my way of keeping my mind off the cold to prevent myself from looking like THAT person that laughs hysterically at their own jokes.

Now I have to throw in a little disclaimer. This post was written on Thursday AND earlier I stated "my outlook isn't near as cheery," but by that I didn't mean that I wasn't happy because I was still in a surprisingly good mood. I meant it more as in I got a billion times sassier and a little bit more offensive. In other words, I was my normal self, but that positive mood that I had this morning, thankfully stuck with me throughout the day. To prove that here is some pictures of  kitties! Looky at how cute they are.

I wear a bow tie now... bow ties are cool.


Very well then. Thanks for tuning in for my rant on Waco weather. Until next time!

Stay classy Sandy Eggo,

xx Caitlin.