Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #18

Hello there and welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post! As always nerdy things, pretty sights, and great music await. Thanks for stopping by!

1. Rather Be (Cover)- Pentatonix 

Honestly I am not a super huge fan of the original version of this song, but their version is just fantastic. Quite frankly anything that they get their hands on is fantastic. Anywho, this song is wonderful and I can't help but have a good time when I'm listening to it. ALSO MITCH'S SHIRT. He wore it for the performance I caught over the summer and it is quite literally the most flawless top ever, and he wears it like no one's business. Enjoy. 

2. Cutest showdown ever is about to occur. Loving this print. 

3. This list is far too accurate. I may or may not be listening to the playlist now...

4. Heh Heh.

5. Trying to throw this super cute strawberry costume together for Friday. 

6. To bring a little cheer to the cooler days. 

7. BRB. Heading to London

8. Because seriously...

9. He dooooo. I'm cracking up here. Laugh with me friends. 

10. Incredibly true words. Mmm. 

Thanks for tuning in friends! I will see you guys on HALLOWEEN for a super fun, yet terrifying shoot! Wooo! Until then.

Stay Golden,


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