Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #5

Hello there. I'm not sure what to say besides sit back and enjoy this week's Strikes My Fancy post!

1.  Mayday Parade- Your Song

I'm throwing it back to one of my favourites. This song, besides Three Cheers for Five Years, is my absolute favourite Mayday song. This acoustic version is just perfect. I've had my teenage angst playlist on repeat lately, so this song in all its brilliance was brought back to me this week. I've also been a sucker for love songs this past week. *ahem* I don't know maybe it's because Nicholas is finally coming back from California in 17 days... these 3 months have crawled my friends. Anywho, enough of the weirdly romantic talk. This song is just grand. Enjoy.

2.  I will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

3. We could all learn something from Sokka. He will always be one of my favourite animated characters.

4. Sorry Nicholas. But this list of why Theo James is basically perfect. He loves LotR and HP. Pretty sure it's meant to be. 
ughhhh. I can't.

5.  Buzzfeed. Need I say more?

6.  My reasoning for everything.

7. One day I will make this vegan bourbon salted caramel icecream, and it will be delicious.

8. This cape that gets me super excited for the cape I bought a couple months ago. C'mon cooler days... and friends. I mainly just want people back at Baylor. 

9. A little thought about music and the wonderful power that it has. Taste is entirely  subjective. Also if you haven't seen the video mentioned, watch it. It is incredibly moving.

10. Excuse me as I go cry happy tears. 

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time my friends.

Stay Golden,


Friday, July 25, 2014

Fly Fridays: Pretty Flowers and Drill Towers

Not sure what's up with my face here.

I apparently have it out for that group of flowers. 

Dress: Forever 21. Similar here and here.
Denim Vest: Thrifted.
Bumble Bee Pin: Hendley Market.
Shoes: Old Navy.
Ring: Jewelmint.
Nail Polish: Butter London- Poole// Lipstick: NYX Matte in Hippie Chic.

Hello there! So I've decided something. I've decided I'm going to keep the talking about my outfit as a whole to a minimum because I feel awkward and oddly self-centered discussing what you can clearly see from the photos. I put clothes on and I want to share the different combinations with you all so that I may provide some sort of small spark of inspiration next time you go through your closet. End of story.

What I AM going to talk about is my super awesome bumble bee pin. Cuz guys, it is super awesome and I got it for a whopping 75 cents. I bought a few more that are not pictured, but rest assured they are just as wonderful. Hendley Market is this lovely little place located on the Strand in Galveston, TX that is basically me in store form. It has so many oddities and pretty trinkets. I honestly didn't want to leave, well not until I had purchased the entire store anyways. One of the other buttons I purchased pictures an adorable, blushing tooth that is wearing a top hat. I cannot stress enough how magical this place is. If you ever find yourself in Galveston, you must make a stop there. You will not regret it. 

Fun Fact: I used to despise anything denim that wasn't pants/ shorts. ESPECIALLY denim vests. However this one was three dollars and down right adorable, so I had to get it. Right? I think that is how shopping works anyways. 

Anywho, that is all for today's post. Thanks for stopping by!

Stay Golden,


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Talmidim (The Servants)

Hello everyone. This post is a little different from the normal ones on Oh My Bliss. It is much longer in length and it covers something dear to me. Regardless stick with me, and if I may make a suggestion, I recommend you listen to this song either before, while you're reading, or both. I think it helps me get my point across. Thank you.

This song randomly came on while I was getting ready this morning. This song in particular has a habit of doing that, just when I need it most. It catches me completely off guard nearly every time, for I often forget that I have this incredibly simple but powerful song tucked away in my iTunes library. But as I said it comes back to me every time I need it. Out of nowhere as if it was somehow placed there just for me; as if it was made just to remind me.

Regardless it got me thinking.

*I should throw in a disclaimer now. By no means am I seeking to offend anyone, or call people out. I am merely speaking from my own experiences, to share what has been on my heart lately.*

I recently had the opportunity to go on 'tour' with an animal rights group I regularly volunteer with. This 'tour' was the Van's Warped Tour, so it was basically a dream come true to be working behind the scenes of my favourite music festival while sharing something that I cared about. For Today, the artists of the song above just so happened to be playing the festival as they have done for several years. I remember the first time I saw them on the All Stars Tour, having no clue who they were or what they stand for... or rather WHO they stand for. I remember thinking "Man, these guys go hard!" just before hopping into the pit. (The rest of their music is much much heavier than the song I provided for you all). Once they were about half-way through their set they took the time to do something incredible. Something that I think I had only seen one other band do by that point in time. They, in the middle of a place that was sure to ridicule them for it, took the time to give glory to God. To share with us that it is by His graces they were on the stage in front of us that day.

And while some people, such as myself, marveled at what they had just done, others did in fact mock them for it. One comment that was made by a person I attended the show with stuck in my mind, and even to this day it still bothers me: "I wasn't aware it was Sunday. If I wanted to go to church, I would have."

And again, while I was working Warped this year it happened. They happened to be playing one of the stages right next the my booth one day, and I was not-so-casually jamming out to them in between offering flyers and selling merch. The people I was working with seemed to be enjoying them too, I suppose since they had no clue what their songs were really saying. Then the time came for them to give a shout out to the big man upstairs who made this all possible for them. I was grinning as they said it, not taking notice of the stares I was acquiring, when one of my fellow activists- a very blunt one at that- said "you actually like this stuff?" Then proceeded to laugh at both mine and For Today's expense.

I should let you know that I am well aware that speaking the Gospel in general is basically setting yourself up for at least a teeny bit of attack.

However this time I felt exposed. As if my personal beliefs had been ripped from myself and held up for all to mock. A little dramatic I know, but it is the truth. For the first time in my life I felt as if I had something to hide, which is so wrong. I spend too much time hiding behind my beliefs, using them as a safety blanket. Never daring to venture out from the cries of affirmation I send towards the stage when one of my favourite bands speaks about the God that I love as well... This is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

To be honest I hadn't really dealt with those feelings since they occurred, but then this song came on to remind me. To remind me that God is forgiving; that he will give me a new heart and put a new spirit in me. To bring me back to my roots. To remind me where I got my start.

See because it was with this music that I accepted God. Praise and worship can only reach so many. Preaching is not just for Sunday and it is not just for the church. It is for the stages of Warped Tour; it is for the bars that 'Christians' would never wander into. It is for all the places that could have a single or a hundred non-believers; it is for the places where you would least expect it because it is there that you will find someone willing to listen.

All my life I have had people say "why do you listen to this music, you can't even understand what they're saying! Are you sure they're talking about God?"

Yes. I am sure. And it is because of these bands and what God has done through them that I am saved today.

Stay Golden,


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #4

Whale, whale, whale... look what we have here. It's another Strikes My Fancy Tuesday post! Stick around to see what beauties of the interweb are featured today.

1. Hey Rosetta! Seventeen (Acoustic)

So this song is pretty rad and I just love everything about it. Hey Rosetta! is a fantastic group from good ole Canada. I'm currently in one of those moods where I just want to find every ounce of music that relates to my life and my 'restless' 20-year-old soul. This song does just that. Enjoy friends.

2. This tutorial on how to style a strawberry. In case you ever need to know.

3. This list of the 26 Most Puzzling Pictures of Leo DiCaprio. 

4. This picture that was basically my life motto this past weekend. 

5. This picture in honor of the 'lovely' Twilight marathon that happened on FX this past weekend. Seriously guys, what were you thinking?

6. Oh Loki <3 The Cap just got LOKI'D!

7. This interesting article on the big sinkhole/crater in Siberia. My favourite theory is "aliens taking core samples." That has to be it. 

8. Ahhh Catticus Finch. This list of 25 literary pun names for your cat is positively golden. If I ever get a cat...

9. I don't play soccer, but this smoothie is yummy. Instead of cocoa powder I use chocolate protein powder and I also add chia seeds for an extra nutritional boost. I made it for lunch today and it was quite delicious and filling. 

10. This perfect mug. 

That concludes this week's post. Thanks for stopping by to see what caught my eye this week. 
Have a marvelous rest of your week and as always...

Stay Golden,


Friday, July 18, 2014

Fly Fridays: Dallas Lovin'

My not so little, little booger and I. 
Top/ Shorts/ Necklace/ Sandals: Old Navy
Ring: Jewelmint
Bag: Gap. Similar here
Belt: Lavo
Glasses: Warby Parker

Okay, first and fore most let me start off by apologizing for my almost unflattering windblown look in these pictures. Taylor and I had been WALKING all over downtown Dallas for a good 3 hours by this point. Just a heads up, never ever wear flip-flops for that amount of walking. My feet were disgusting and both of us were a hot mess by the time we took the pictures. Moving on.

It really was an incredible day though. Taylor and I took loads of photos, ate at a fantastic vegan restaurant in Dallas called Spiral Diner, and saw some superb architecture (hence the above picture collage). Besides the flip-flops this was the perfect outfit for running around Dallas in the Texas heat. It was lightweight and comfortable which is a must when the temperatures start rising. 

I'm normally not one for shorts but when I found these little beauties I had to give them a try. The "Boyfriend" cut does wonders everyone. Also, just look at that print! I love em. This top is my go-to top for just about everything... it's bad. You can bet your money on the fact that you will see it again in future posts. The lace detailing on the shoulder adds a bit of interest to any outfit. I have probably 8 or 9 outfits built around this shirt alone. Another one of my summer go-to's is this pastel colour-blocked tote from Gap. I use it nearly every day, even if it doesn't match with my outfit. *gasp*

Side note: I really should be considered as Old Navy's poster child.

The instagram picture is from when my kid brother, Patrick, and I were in San Antonio with my friend Hale. I apparently wear this outfit a lot when I travel! I stick to what I said earlier, nothing beats breezy and comfortable in a Texas summer. 

Thanks for tuning in to this week's Fly Friday post. Until next time!

Stay Golden,


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #3

Hello hello! It is that time of the week again. I have quite the assortment of things in store for you guys, so please stick around to see what gems of the interweb have caught my eye!

1. This song + video that is hot off the presses.

No seriously... this song was released today. From Indian Lakes is without a doubt one of my favourite bands. In my top 5 for sure. I've had the honor of meeting them and seeing them several times. They are a bunch of fun and down-to-earth guys. I am anxiously awaiting the release of their new album, but I suppose this will do in the meantime. Enjoy(:

2. This doormat for the days you are feeling anything less than pretty.

3. This list of John Adams' 7 greatest insults. John Adams is my spirit animal for the week.

4. This gif.

5. This list of music jokes that gave me the giggles. Can we all take a minute to appreciate #10?

6. This perfect portrait. 

7. Tacos + Cilantro = Heaven. My love for tacos is eternal. This awesome vegan taco recipe fuels my love for them. It's perfect for summer... and fall, winter, and spring. Probably good for Christmas dinner too. 

8. This plate set from Modcloth was made for me. Well probably not JUST for me, but whatever. It has a whale so I like it. 

9. I would be lost with out Buzzfeed. Here is a list of the 20 best Tumblr posts. It's golden.

10. Last, but certainly not least: this comeback. 

That is all for this week's Strikes My Fancy post! Thanks so much for stopping by. What corners of the Internet have you been loving lately? 

Stay Golden,



Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fly Friday... On Saturday?

Makin' it snow.
Cardigan: Forever 21
Crop Top: American Eagle; similar here and here.
Tulle Maxi Skirt: Amelia's Fashion Exchange; similar here.
Sandals: Target
Ring: Gift
Bracelet and Necklace: Jewelmint

So I was completely under the impression that today was Friday, but as someone so graciously pointed out it is indeed not Friday, but Saturday. I spent all day yesterday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas riding roller coasters and having my heart jump up my throat on the Bahama Blaster. Seriously guys, that slide is terrifying, exhilarating, and completely worth the heart wrenching terror.

Anywho, I do apologize that it is a day late. Today I will be spending the day at the river-walk with my friend Hale and my kid brother. With all the walking that is in store I figured a breezy tulle skirt with a crop top and lightweight cardi would be perfect. I've been finding every excuse to wear this skirt since I purchased it recently. I just love it so much. Tulle is just about my favourite thing in the world. I have a lot of favourites, but oh well.

The top is actually part of an old dress that was given to me several years ago. I decided the dress needed an update, so I separated the top from the skirt. I now have a short tulle skirt and a cute white crop top. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Look for the skirt in future posts!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm off to spend some quality time with friends and family now.
Until next time.

Stay Golden,


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Strikes My Fancy Tuesday #2

Hello hello! It is that time of the week again. Welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post. I have a lovely assortment of things in store for you guys, so please stick around to see what gems of the interweb have caught my eye!

1. Wye Oak- Civilian

This song quickly became one of my favourites after I discovered it on the Walking Dead. It is from Season 2 Episode 10, and it is played at the end when Rick and Shane are driving off into the sunset. It fit perfectly and it captured the wild look in Shane's eye that tipped us off that some major stuff was about to go down. It captured the struggle between his desires and morality. Needless to say I was hooked and after Dead, White, and Blue Weekend on AMC my love for this song was sparked once more. Enjoy its brilliance my friends.

2. Speaking of the Walking Dead...

3. These needlepoints totally get me.

4.  If only I had the patience. 

5. This touching story about an elephant crying after being freed from 50 years of torture. They are truly brilliant creatures. 

6.  Mycroft dealing with his diet.

7. The power of a photo is astounding. Especially this set that deals with aging and seeing the person we used to be in the mirror. 

8. Me dealing with my diet.

9. This incredible list of vegan comfort foods that I want to try immediately. With all these awesome recipes I NEED to have second breakfast. 

10. Lastly, this cake that fuels my love for peaches and that phrase. 

As always thanks for tuning in for this week's Strikes My Fancy. You are now free to roam the wonderful place known as the Internet and find what strike your fancy as well.

Stay Golden,