Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #25

Hello there and welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post! Neat prints, funny videos, and of course good music awaits!

1. Porter Robinson- Years of War

I struggled with which Porter Robinson song I was going to share for quite some time, but eventually chose this one as my favourite representation of his music. All of his stuff is brilliant my friends and I highly suggest that you go fall in love with all of it. Enjoy! 

2. Brilliant.

3. The most perfect video to ever grace the interweb. 

4. Around the World. 

5. Raw Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Trifle? Don't mind if I do.

6. I'm not a huge fan of coffee, but if I were...

7. Glittery Animal Ornaments. Check. 

8. Trio.

9. This is old news, but it is still one of my favourites. 

10. Yeah, pretty much.

That is all for today folks. Thanks so much for stopping by! Merry Christmas Eve Eve. 

Stay Golden,


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Feature: Spencer + Sparkles

All photos by TaylorAnn Photography.

Blouse/Jeans: Kohl's
Sweater: Forever 21
Flats: Thrifted
Rings: Charming Charlies
Stupendous Drink: Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits
I recently had the opportunity to style some outfits for my dear friend Spencer. I've had the pleasure of doing this with her before and I love it. It is a true joy to work with her. I always find that it is fun to work with another person's closet and style items that I do not normally get to. 

For this outfit I chose to stick with the classic black and pops of sparkle for the holidays. When she pulled this blouse out with the sparkly collar I knew I would have to use it in some way or another. Peter Pan collar + sparkles = perfection. In order to add some warmth I layered a black sweater over the blouse, rather than just throwing a simple black cardigan over it. The layered look creates some boyish charm, but the collar keeps it from going overboard. Balance is key. 

That is all for today friends. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will see y'all on Tuesday. 

Stay Golden,


Friday, December 19, 2014

Fly Friday: Simplistic Elegance

All photos by the lovely Grace over at My Spare Oom

Dress: Ruche
Necklace: Grae Apparel
Ring: Jewelmint
Shoes: Famous Footwear...? Senior Prom, so I hardly remember now. 

Hello there and Happy Friday friends! I just made it back to good ole Magnolia to spend some time with the family for the holidays. I wish you all safe travels this Christmas. 

Today's post is exceptionally fancy. I bought this absolutely gorgeous velvet dress from Ruche recently to wear to my dear friend Mallory's debutante ball. The dress and the necklace were a hug hit. Since Christmas is rapidly approaching I figured a holiday party shoot was in order. The rich green colour of this dress mixed with the heavy velvet just emanates Christmas elegance. Pair some sparkly gold accessories, such as this stunning golden chain necklace from Grae Apparel, and you are set. 

Sometimes simplicity stands out the most. The beauty of a simple dress is that you can wear it multiple ways to get several uses out of it, without showing up in the same get-up for every party. For instance, try pairing this dress with black 'suede' heels and very minimal jewelry for an understated, yet glamorous look. Or another sparkly necklace with a slightly different neckline. The possibilities are seemingly endless! 

So break out the classics ladies, hit the town, and have a very very Merry Christmas. 

Stay Golden,


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #24

Hello there and welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post! Some of my favourite old jams, Christmas ideas *ahem family*, and of course nerdy humor awaits.

1. A Great Big Pile of  Leaves- Great Fun

A Great Big Pile of Leaves... What can I say about this wonderful band? They can take the most random assortment of lyrics and make it into one heck of a song. Don't believe me? Just check out the lyrics for this song here. See what I mean? Anyways they make me feel on top of the world. When I was just a baby in high school (ha!) I would jam them all time in the car with the windows down. I was the coolest you guys. I figured since finals were finishing up for most people that we could all use some good, fun, and just down-right rad music. Check out the rest of their stuff (I recommend Bring Back Breakfast) and be awesome my friends. Enjoy.


3. These 15 photos of Nuns doing ordinary things. It is quite intriguing.

4. Framed. I need a new addition soon...

5. Again, family if you are reading this I wouldn't mind this on Christmas day either...

6. This little beauty. 

7. Mom, I'm coming home soon. We are making this vegan mac & cheese.

8. Like an orphan in a Dickens book.

9. Because what is a day without a little bit of Buzzfeed?

10. Ain't that the truth.

That is all for today folks! I will see you guys on Friday. Be on the lookout for some different styles of post in the near future! Can't wait to share some new things with all of you. Until then!

Stay Golden,


Friday, December 12, 2014

Fly Friday: Soft + Clean

All photos by talented my buddy Mitch. 

Because I am good at serious faces. 
Top: Victoria's Secret
Top/Jeans/Hat:Forever 21
Sweater Cardigan: Grae Apparel
Sneakers: Old Navy
Ring: Jewelmint
Clutch: Gift
Nail Polish: Jule
p in Sienna
Hey, hello, hi! Welcome to this week's Fly Friday post. Man-oh-man what a busy week it has been, but I've just got to make it till Tuesday. I am surprisingly not that freaked out about finals, which is pleasant, but also a little worrisome... OH WELL. I'm just taking everything one day at a time. 

So as I have previously stated my wardrobe is slowly becoming achromatic and I am 110% okay with this. Its classy, timeless, and effortless. Doesn't get much better than that my friends. Anywho, I'm absolutely in love with big cozy cardigans/sweaters, and this one from Grae Apparel is no exception. It is pretty much like a socially acceptable bath-robe/blanket and it is awesome. Since it is fall/winter I am also really digging softer textures, but I wanted to add a little structure to this outfit with a crisp collar and the long, straight lines of the cardigan. 

This Victoria's Secret shirt quickly became a favourite of mine as well. I always wear it as my go-to top for my incredibly casual days... you know the ones where you are lucky if you make it to class on time. Yeah, those days. I thought it would be fun to try and dress it up though with a little bit of boyish charm. I ended up being really happy with how it turned out and I look forward to trying it again soon! 

Also, how perfect is this Julep nail polish? Trying to find a good, non-chunky gold polish is surprisingly difficult, but when Julep sent me this little beauty in my monthly box I was thrilled. It goes on smooth and it covers well in two coats (aka best polish ever). All of their polishes have pleased me, but this one stole my heart with its pretty sparkly self. 

That's all I have for y'all today! To those of you in the same boat as I am, good luck on finals. Buckle down and you'll pull through my friends. 

Stay Golden,


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #23

Hello there and welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post! Snazzy remixes, nerdy humor, and my final designs for Fashion Illustration await!

1. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (RAC Remix)

The original version of this song is of course fantastic, but this remix is golden. It puts a beautifully fitting twist on this song. RAC's remixes are subtle, yet substantial. Check him out on Sound Cloud here.

2. Because this makes my heart incredibly happy.

3. Because this makes my heart incredibly sad.  The Last Goodbye.

4. I'm absolutely loving this look. If it is black or grey just go ahead and hand it over.

5. Vegan Earl Grey + Chocolate Shakes. Mmmmm. 

6. Because who doesn't need a Hippo vase? I also found salt + pepper shakers at Target and I'm in love.
Family if you are reading this I would not mind opening this on Christmas Day...
7. This lovely little twist on Jingle Bells. 

8. This gif. 

9. My final designs for Fashion Illustration turned out pretty well. I was pleased. 

10. I am my own muse. As one should always be. 

That is all for this week! Thank you all so much for tuning in. I will see all of y'all on Friday.
Until then friends.

Stay Golden,


Friday, December 5, 2014

Fly Friday: Cozy in Grae

Dress/Scarf: Grae Apparel
Fleece Tights/Booties: Forever 21
Rings: Charming Charlie
Nail Polish: Julep

Hey there and Happy Friday!

It sure is good to be back. In case you didn't see the update, I caught a pretty nasty stomach bug over Thanksgiving and it messed with my blogging schedule. ANYWHO, I'm here now and I feel wonderful. 

A little bit about today's outfit: My love for achromatic colours is steadily growing and before I know it I am sure my closet will be overrun with black, white, and grey. Thankfully, Grae apparel does a fantastic job of keeping my current obsessions on hand. Whenever this dress hit the sales floor I honestly did not intend to buy it, however as many of previous purchases have done, the darn thing showed up in my dreams and I of course decided that was a sign. Thank God I got it because I absolutely love it. 

Shift dresses are incredibly versatile and then add a neutral colour to one and you're golden. This one also happens to be super soft, which is always a plus. Sticking to the grey and black combo creates a effortlessly polished look, which helps loads as an on-the-go college student. So the next time you're looking for the perfect rainy/cold day outfit break out the grey sweater dresses and black accessories. I hope you'll fall in love with this trend just as I did.  

Grae Apparel's online site is now up and running, so please feel free to check out our online store! Now everyone across the U.S. can have access to the wonderful world of Grae! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you all on Tuesday!

Stay Golden,