Friday, November 7, 2014

Fly Friday: Hey Mama, Welcome To the 60's.

All photos by the magnificent Grace over at My Spare Oom.

Top/Skirt/Hat/Booties: Forever 21
Pendant (similar): Old Navy
 Armor Ring: Jewelmint

Hello there and Happy Friday everyone!

In regards to my upcoming weekend: Just ready for OU.

*ahem* So this entire outfit is from Forever 21... I know, I know. There is nothing wrong with this, but I generally try to give other stores a chance and not let Forever 21 dictate my posts. However, I absolutely love Forever 21 and I shop there quite often. I bought this outfit for a whopping $60, hence why I love the place, back in early September with every intention of posting it as soon as Fall arrived. Things never go according to plan though, and quite frankly it has not felt like Fall in Texas until just recently. Nevertheless, here you go.

I love wide-brimmed hats, and this lovely felt one is no exception. Hats are a nice way to add a classy touch to almost any ensemble. They also look ridiculously good when paired with skirtsThe fact that I even bought this skirt surprised me. I'm not normally one to gravitate towards anything that looks remotely close to leather, but for some reason this vinyl skirt caught my eye. The A-line cut and the fact that it was only $12 probably had something to do with it. I've also been on a maroon buying spree lately. I can't get enough of it and if I don't stop soon my entire wardrobe will be maroon haha. It is just a great fall/winter colour, so I've decided that I am justified in buying so much maroon. 

This outfit also makes me feel like I am some mod 60's woman and I love it. The sixties is definitely one of my favourite periods in regards to clothing, so the more trends that I can steal from it the better.

Take-home message of this post: be ready for OU, love hats, and buy maroon. 

That is all my friends. I'll see you all on Tuesday!

Stay Golden,