Friday, August 29, 2014

Fly Fridays: Working Hard or Hardly Working.

Top (similar here and here)/ Heels: Old Navy
Skirt/ Necklace (similar here and here): Modcloth
Glasses: Warby Parker
Welp, it is that time of the year again. Time to fall back into a somewhat regular routine, and time to consume much more than the recommended dosage of caffeine. Woot Woot. All joking aside my first week back has been quite lovely and I am really looking forward to my classes this semester. Oddly enough the Biology class I am taking has been one of my favourites thus far, well that and my Fashion Illustration class. Both are full of new and wonderful ideas that I am excited to learn more about as the semester progresses. 

There are a lot of familiar pieces in today's outfit. Both the top and the skirt are go-to's for me, so do not be surprised if you see them fairly often. Anywho, I like to refer to this look as the Patriotic Librarian. Why? I'm decked out in America colours and I have some pretty rad specs on, that's why. Those who know me personally know that my glasses normally live on my face, however I normally take them off for outfit photos so when I get to showcase them I am thrilled. Warby Parker has some of the best frames that I have ever encountered and the purpose behind their company is just grand. Sadly I only own this lovely pair, but I do plan on purchasing some other options in the hopefully near future. They are great quality for a good price. If you haven't checked them out, I highly recommend you do so. 

I figured this look was appropriate since I just finished my first week of  Junior year here at Baylor. 
I feel that looking the part definitely helps motivate you to do your best. Take yourself seriously and so will those around you. *Life advice from Caitlin* That's now a thing. Not really, but whatevs. 

I hope everyone's first week of classes/ work week went well! If you have any classes you are particularly excited for please let me know! *ahem* Grace I want to know how that ballet class is going because I am super jelly. 

Stay Golden,



  1. Bahahha, I wish you could be in it with me!! You should keep checking to see if someone drops it! I. LOVE. IT.

    Also, you're gorgeous. What the what. I need to order my Warby Parker frames now that I've finally decided what kind I want. And we should do some outfit pics together...

    1. I will!

      Which ones do you want?! I most definitely agree about taking outfit pics together(:



  2. I absolutely love that skirt on you! You're seriously beautiful. :) this is definitely one of my favorite blogs.

    1. Oh thank you so much Sarah! I am glad that you enjoy my blog(: It is always so great to hear positive feedback.

      All the best,


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Grace! They were one of those pairs that I knew I just had to have once I laid eyes on them. Not the comfiest things in the world, but they sure are beautiful haha.