Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Strikes My Fancy #8

Good afternoon! Welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post. Nerdy humor and lots of tea await.
1. Manchester Orchestra- The Golden Ticket

 So Manchester Orchestra is a pretty fantastic band. If you haven't heard of them I suggest you start looking into them now. You will not be disappointed. This song is particularly great. Enjoy friends!
2. This pick-up line is perfect.
3. This is quite possibly the best buzzfeed list ever. A big thanks to Maggie for showing me this on the fly.
4. Piglet knows what's up.
5. Fall is coming, which means school... and coffee.
6. This explains why they were in the 1800s as well.
7. I wish cool things like this happened to me.
8. Alice.
9. I'm really digging this print.
10. Tea. Glorious Tea!
 Stay Golden,

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