Friday, August 22, 2014

Fly Fridays: Going Casual

Top: Target
Shorts: Old Navy (similar)
Scarf: Modcloth. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Vans

Hello everyone!
I had originally planned to have this outfit as a back-up post, but when I saw how the pictures turned out I decided otherwise. It's pretty obvious that I am super lousy at doing casual, so me putting together a somewhat cute casual outfit is a rarity.
I got this scarf in a grab-bag from Modcloth and I absolutely love it. It is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. Now I know for us Texas people it is still way too hot out to wear scarves, but people that live up North can probably start getting away with it. I personally cannot wait to start wearing scarves again.
My vans are well loved as you can probably tell. They are my go-to shoes for just about everything, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to pair them with the scarf. I've had the shorts for forever and they are one of two pairs of shorts that I actually like wearing. Building new outfits around my two pairs of shorts is always an exciting task.
That being said: scarves make awesome accessories, and when they are paired with shorts you have a great transition outfit!
Stay Golden,


  1. I adore that cute! This outfit is just fabulous.

  2. you look adorable!

  3. Hello!

    I somehow stumbled across your blog while looking for reviews of Vans this evening. I am looking at purchasing my very first pair! I have read all sorts of stories on various websites about Vans making feet really sweaty so I have been hesitant to buy a pair in the past. Has this been your experience with Vans or are your feet always sweat-free when you wear them?

    Fantastic website, by the way! You have a new fan!


    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I personally love vans and I have been wearing them for years. They hold up well and are worth every penny. I have never really had a problem with them making my feet sweaty, then again I wear them with no-show socks. Occasionally I will wear them without socks and even then I do not really get sweaty. I would definitely wear socks though, just to be on the safe side. I feel that any pair of shoes without socks would make your feet sweaty.

      Hope that helped!

      All the best,