Saturday, November 2, 2013


To say the least, this semester has been the hardest one yet. Trying to manage 17 hours, a job, marching band, bills, and actually converging into adulthood is EXHAUSTING, 
not to mention stressful.

I am a Studio Art Major with and emphasis in Graphic Design, and I absolutely love it. Coming to Baylor, I was prepared artistically for the classes, but not the work load. I like to think I did pretty well in my beginning classes my Freshman year, but I was not prepared for the
 challenge that is Wood Sculpture.

First of all, I NEVER would have picked this class for one of my studio electives by myself, but after some convincing, I signed up. Every expectation for this class that I had in my mind was shattered when i walked in to class the first day. I knew no one, I had no idea how to use a saw, how to sand, and I definitely was not confident in my klutzy self enough to trust the fact that I wouldn't cut my pinky off the first time i used a saw.

At first, I absolutely hated this class. The work load seemed a little ridiculous, expectations were outrageous, and i was not the biggest fan of my professor. Simply put, I wanted to quit.

My mom always tells me that I am very hesitant to trying things that I have doubts about, and I need a push (sometimes a swift kick) in the right direction. Since she wasn't there to kick me, i did it myself. And it felt pretty good.

I am in the middle of my third sculpture project, and I actually enjoy it. Granted, sculpture is NOT my thing, but I am happy that I can now cut triangles and circles with the best of 'em
( maybe not the best, but hey.)

For years, I have lived in the area that is just outside the comfort zone, but not quite willing to be positively adventurous.  I've made good grades, i've tried to get the easiest Professors, and I've made excuses as to why I 'couldn't' do something. To be honest, I feel like my sculpture class has taught me how to make mistakes and be okay with it. Perfection is IMPOSSIBLE, but the best way to aspire to it is to keep trying. I probably remade this last project at least 5 different times before i found one design that worked. Yes grades do matter to me, but what matters more is that I actually learn in my mistakes, even if that means messing up 10 times on cutting wood.

Sometimes i feel like I'm a tough girl when I go into the wood shop. Literally, some of the thoughts that go through my internal dialogue go like this; 'Look at me cut this Mahogany, with this saw. Look at my splinters! I rule.' And sometimes it's nice to think you're awesome, even if you only admit it to yourself. So when I go home covered in sawdust, hands full of splinters, and arms full of bruises I can be proud of myself, and others can think I'm just a klutz who has bad dandruff.

Thank You all for reading!
- Jessica


  1. I think you are so awesome and talented because you can do all of those amazing things with wood! I love how artist you are - and I am proud of you too! <3

  2. You should try stained glass. It's way worse than wood when you get a splinter. Even the sanding dust hurts!

  3. You are whom I would aspire to be. You are not a clutz and we as a family should never have allowed you feel that way.
    You were just sooo darn funny and made us all laugh our heads off because you always made fun of yourself. Jessica, I truly have known since you were 2 yrs. old that whatever you decide you want to do, you could and would do it to the best!
    There is never a day that I am not very honored to call you my wonderfully ambitious granddaughter. Yes, you always make us laugh and please never lose that wonderful sense of humor. No matter how bad I feel you lift me so high and make me laugh so much, no one can ever feel bad around you. I love you more than any words can ever say and there is nothing you could ever ask of me that I would not give my life trying to give to you. You have let me know how special I was to my grandmother, as I was her first and she helped raise me and gave me more in love and things than I still can't believe. She made me who I am today. Thank you God for giving us Jessica! I love you so much, girl. Keep using that great noggin that you have, it is awesome. I love your wood pieces! You can do anything.