Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Scarves and Specs


If you've been following Beauties, Bliss, and Bears as of late, you would know that I recently had the opportunity to style some outfits for my good friend Spencer. You can check out the previous outfits here and here. Today's outfit is a little more cozy/ relaxed than the previous ones, but still super stylish. Scarves are a HUGE staple for me -and most other girls in the world- once the cooler weather hits, so I figured this shoot would not be complete without featuring one. I'm also a sucker for mustard yellow, so as soon as I saw this in her closet I knew I would be using it somehow. Upon further investigation I found this heather green top that complimented the mustard colour perfectly and some brown riding boots that simply completed this classic look.

This is such an easy outfit to recreate and it is perfect for this lovely fall weather.

Fun Fact: Those are my glasses that I basically threw at her right before we took the pictures. They were like icing on the cake.
Top: Old Navy// Jeans: Kohl's// Scarf: Forever 21// Boots: Gift // Glasses: Warby Parker.
All photos were taken by Grace over at My Spare Oom.

Thank you for reading! 

xx Caitlin.