Thursday, December 26, 2013


Okay, so we need to talk about that little Christmas Special that happened yesterday...


Very well then, let's continue.

If you are a Whovian, then you know that yesterday marked the end of the era of the 11th. Yesterday we said goodbye to an icon, a hero really, we said good bye to our goofy and perfectly mad, raggedy man with a blue box that stole our hearts all those seasons ago.

And Moffat... well, he sure knows how to rip out a heart. He pulled some things in that episode that should never have happened, but boy was it brilliant. That man is so incredibly talented, but I am certain that if he isn't the devil incarnate, that he at least plays chess with Satan himself every Thursday. Regardless, that episode was absolutely fantastic and our man went out with a bang.

Now I'm going to talk about the things that had me bursting at the seams. At first I was kinda like "well this is slow..." but things quickly picked up pace whenever the Doctor and Clara got to church. Naked Matt Smith,.. I must say that I did not see that one coming. They started running into all of his old enemies, one of which was the Angels, who almost got Clara. I was going to flip if they took her. All I could think of was how Matt must be feeling, seeing another person he holds so dear in the grips of an Angel threatening to take his Impossible Girl away from him. So there was scare number one...

But then he sent Clara away, for her protection of course, but like most companions her love for the Doctor blinded her senses and she eventually made her way back to him by clinging to the outside of the TARDIS as it flew threw the time vortex. When she returned Matt was older. This is when things started getting out of hand for me. Once Clara returned after he sent her away for the second time, he was on his death bed and was as frail as ever. After some help from Gallifrey, he was able to regenerate just one last time. I was not about to have him leave with a face I didn't recognize. That would have been a horribly cruel act on Moffat's part. I was bawling because I thought that was the last time we would see Matt and it wasn't even him. Well it was, but you know. I didn't hear 11 when he gave his farewell speech right before he had one hell of a regeneration (like oh my lanta that was huge), I heard Matt, and that broke my heart. That was scare number two...

The the feet on the stairwell of the TARDIS. I was expecting Capaldi, but NO! Moffat had to make it a little more painful. The 11 that we knew came down the stairs and I was like "WHAT IS THIS? SOME KIND OF CRUEL JOKE?!" He answered by saying it was a reset before he could finish his regeneration. I'd been crying for a good 7 minutes straight by this point. At least I got to see his face before he left.

The real kicker though... the references to his beginning. The fish fingers and custard, and oh no he didn't... little Amelia Pond running around the TARDIS. The look in his eyes when he saw her shattered my heart. I started screaming "That's not fair! That's not fair!" They got more dramatic as I saw who he brought in next. I couldn't believe it. There was Amy Pond, just as he left her, saying "Raggedy Man, good night." I lost it. That was a low blow Moffat. So low, but so good. He got to see his first friend again, his family again and that was a beautiful thing.

Oh... and the whole bow tie falling to the ground thing. Ouch.

I have a theory though... a theory that I pray to God is wrong. When Capaldi showed up he looked entirely confused, as if he didn't know who Clara was... Matt had just got done making a speech about how he would never forget this, the words he was saying, all of his memories. Then he asked "Do you know how to fly this thing?" I got to thinking... that regeneration that was given to him, didn't belong to him. It wasn't his to have... so, what if that caused him to I don't know, not be him? Same body, well relatively, but different mind... Which means none of what we know has happened to this man. No Rose, no River, no Ponds, no Donna, no nothing...

However, if Moffat did this he would not only be destroying 50 years of history, but he would be destroying the fan-base as well. People are against Capaldi already, I am actually quite excited to see him in action, but there are those that are not happy with the choice to have him follow Smith. If he did this, then people might stop watching, so I highly doubt this theory is correct, BUT nothing is impossible when it comes to Moffat, so I'm just throwing my ideas out there.

I guess we'll find out in August...

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on the special! I'm sorry that you had to suffer through that, I know it was not easy.


xx Caitlin.


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