Friday, December 20, 2013

A Perfect Evening Out

So the semester has ended and I just barely survived... seriously, that was hell. Anywho, it is in the past now and I now have until January 13th to not think an ounce about school. Huzzah! To celebrate the end of finals my man friend and I decided we needed a nice evening out. We had originally planned to just go out to Pei Wei, one of my favourites, and then maybe go on a walk and just spend some quality time together, but as you can guess that is not what ended up happening. 

The night before I mentioned that we ought to dress up super fancy, like evening gowns and suit fancy, and then go to a good ole fast food joint someday, not necessarily tomorrow, but just someday. Much to my surprise he replied with "my suit is pressed and ready to go." I for some reason figured I might randomly need evening gowns one day, so I brought two with me to college. Good thing too, because as it turns out I did need them. The next obstacle was deciding which classy fast food restaurant we would go to, and we juggled with places like Taco Bell and the Subway in the gas station across from campus, but ultimately opted for the outdoor seating at Sonic. 

I felt as if I were getting ready for prom, which was a little odd, but boy was it fun. There is nothing quite like getting this gussied up. It just makes you instantly feel eons better, and believe it or not it can make you forget just how crappy and torturous finals week is. I had two of my very best friends, Kilah and Grace, and my fantastic roommate Kathryn helping me every way they could. Kilah being the wonderful human that she is with wizard magic skills with a needle saved the day by taking out some previous alterations on the dress ( I wore this dress when I was unhealthy skinny, like a whopping 100 lbs), so it needed a little help to get it back to its original size, my current size. A big thanks to those brilliant ladies for helping transform me into, as Grace likes to put it, Lana Turner. 

Enough chit-chat though, here are some pictures we snapped throughout the night.

My man with exceptional taste is wearing an incredible suit from Express. I am wearing a Calvin Klein evening gown that I got for a sweet bargain. For those of you that don't know my nickname, especially in the marching band/ color guard world, is Calvin because my last name is Kline, so when I found this dress I kind of had to buy it. 
Every date he brings me beautiful flowers that apparently he picks out all by himself. I got a good one. 

We accidentally made the same face when Grace told us to give her a funny face. Oops.

The feast. I hadn't had sonic in quite some time, so it was surprisingly delicious. 

My beautiful princess. I can't tell if he is trying to wink or if he is in pain. I'm going to go with both, both is good. 

He also gave me my Christmas presents a tad early. In case you didn't know, I have an odd obsession with Alice in Wonderland and I collect the books. I had been looking at this copy for years, but could never bring myself to purchase it due to the price. So thank you again Nicholas for getting this beautiful copy for me. It is so nice to see it sitting among my collection now. 

After pigging out in the classiest way possible at Sonic and running around Target, getting stares every step of the way, we went to one of his favourite spots on campus, a quaint little dock on the Brazos. Please forgive me for how cheesy I am about to get, but we went there and danced under the moonlight...and it was absolutely perfect. *ahem* There I said it. Though I should point out by dancing I mean I tripped and got my heels stuck in the cracks of the dock, basically making a fool of myself as he was all smooth and laughed at my awkwardness. Regardless it was definitely the best date I have ever been on and it was easily one of the best nights of my life. 

So let this be a lesson to all of you lovely ladies, keep at least one evening gown on hand because you never know when a dashing young man will want to take you on a fancy Sonic date. 

Thanks for toughing out my sappy post! 

Stay Golden,



  1. you are such an adorable couple!
    my exams are finally over too so i know
    how you feel! lovely photos seems you had a
    really interesting night :)
    xoxo Rose

    1. Thanks Rose, I think so too. :)
      Glad you are all finished with exams as well! It is such a relief.

      Thanks again!