Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas!

Just popping in to say Happy Christmas!

It's been a fabulous, but rather uneventful day over in my neck of the woods. Woke up to some scrumptious monkey bread and Doctor Who (which our telly has been stuck on all day), then we opened presents and I am pleased to inform you all that the picture quality will be MUCH improved from here on out! We just got home from dropping my little booger off at the airport and now we are making some Portuguese soup and mentally preparing ourselves for the Doctor Who Christmas Special tonight. Only Moffat/ Gatiss/ Davies/ etc. could ruin even the happiest of holidays. You will be missed Matt. *cue the water works*


 I hope you all are having a wonderful day and that it is full of joy and laughter. If you're a Whovian like my family and I, then I apologize, for I fear your evening is not going to be as cheery. Try and make some good memories though, eh?

Much love,

xx Caitlin.


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    1. Thanks you Iris :)

      Hope you had an incredible Christmas!

      xx Caitlin