Friday, January 16, 2015

Fly Fridays: Back to School

All photos by Grace over at My Spare Oom

Top/Jeans: Forever 21
Red Flats: Old Navy
Necklace: Gift
Coat: Target
Hello there and Happy Friday! & what a lovely day it is. Today just so happens to be my 21st Birthday and let me tell ya, it has been absolutely fantastic. I managed to squeeze in some tea time this morning with my good friend, I had like 14 breakfast cookies (aka cookies), and I had pleasant run-ins with several people who are dear to me. Tonight's plan include Chuy's with like 20 people. How in the world the group got that big is beyond me. Regardless, I am incredibly excited to spend an evening with some of my closest friends. Also margaritas. It is going to be golden. 

Anyways, Baylor is now back to its normal bustling self. Junior in college and the first day of classes still scare the living daylights out of me. I also always freak out over what to wear. Granted I do that for nearly every day of the week, but ya know. This year I decided to keep things classic and cozy for the first day of school. Soft turtle necks and flashy gold jewelry is the way to go my friends. I opted for black slip-ons for a majority of the day, but the red flats helped add a bit of sophistication for the times when I was at work. Shoes always amaze me with their magical transformation powers. They can completely change the look of an outfit, which can sometimes be a bad thing haha. 

I'm keeping things short today because I've got a full day ahead of me, but I wish you all the very best. Have a wonderful weekend! 

Stay Golden,


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