Monday, January 5, 2015

Fly Friday: Monday Style

All photos by our old friend Jessica. 

Top/Loafers/Necklace/Headband: Old Navy
Collared Blouse/Jeans: Forever 21
Ring: Charming Charlies 

Hey there and happy Monday...?  It's been a little while since I have posted anything. The rush of the holidays/ the Cotton Bowl got the better of me. Regardless, I am back now! Also, yes these photos were taken with an iPhone because I conveniently misplaced the charger for my camera. 

The day was originally supposed to be a photoshoot of sorts, but in the end it became more about documenting our time in the antique store. There are several other somewhat embarrassing photos that were taken as well. I am not sharing them here because they are hardly relevant, but I have them for my records. Let it be known that I cannot play the trombone... or even hold the thing properly. 

Anyways it was a fantastic day with my best friend and I am going to leave it at that. Regular posts will resume tomorrow. So until then!

Stay Golden,



  1. The outfit really works with the antique store! Love the headband!

  2. These pictures are so cute + have such character..didn't even notice they were iphone snaps. ;) love with that gold headband, so glam.

  3. These pictures are too cute! They look to good with the antique store backdrop! Loving the collar blouse