Thursday, January 30, 2014

Where I've Been.

Hello there! 

I have a somewhat different type of post for you all today. It is very picture oriented and it is my way of showing you what I've been up to lately. One of the first pictures that I took with my new camera was the first picture listed below, and for some reason I fell in love with the idea of it. Since then I have been attempting to capture similar pictures in the different places that I have been, and I plan to continue this for all the new places that I have yet to encounter. 

I hope you enjoy my little 'project,' if you will, and the journey that comes along with it.

Where: Home for the Holidays. 

The annual Kline truffle making and our flavouring of choice. 

Besides our Christmas bear this is one of my favourite decorations that we have in our home. The attention to detail is impeccable and not to mention it's been in my family since before I can remember.  
Where: Arizona, at some huge botanical garden/ zoo thing. 

Hale and I enjoying this lovely cactus. Arizona's cacti are like bunny rabbits if you know what I mean. 
I fell into a cactus for this shot. You're welcome. 
I'm not sure why, but I love this picture. It became kind of a running joke because of how religious it looks. Anywho, I have some ridiculously photogenic friends. Like seriously, look. 
Pretty Jessica is pretty. 
I'm not sure what my face is up to in this picture, but yeah. Kennedy and I. 
She has some heartfelt experiences with a lot of things apparently.
I just had to do it. 
See what I mean?

Back home for a little celebration.

I turned 20. That was... uneventful. Still the same girl and no amount of non-teenager wisdom has entered my disorganized brain. I did get to eat some pretty fantastic cake made by my lovely mother though. A devil's food cake with mocha frosting and a white chocolate Bailey's whipped cream in the middle. Yeah, I know. 
Where: Austin, Texas to pick Nicholas up from the airport. Specifically El Arroyo, AKA the Ditch.
Where: Cameron Park in good Ole Waco, Texas

The gate to one of my most favourite houses in Waco. 
Where: The Brazos

It's comforting to know that you don't have to go everywhere alone. 

It's nearly impossible to beat a Texas sky. 

Where: Common Grounds. Waco, Texas.

Now here I am, back in the swing of things. I had a fairly quiet morning and was preparing myself for my second, yes second, exam of this semester, which I am happy to announce went relatively well. The wind made it almost unbearable to be outside, which is why I think it was so quiet this morning, but it was worth enduring that for a few minutes to enjoy the beauty that I am surrounded with here at Baylor. 

Thanks for viewing!

Stay Golden,

xx Caitlin.