Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Feature: Spencer + Sparkles

All photos by TaylorAnn Photography.

Blouse/Jeans: Kohl's
Sweater: Forever 21
Flats: Thrifted
Rings: Charming Charlies
Stupendous Drink: Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits
I recently had the opportunity to style some outfits for my dear friend Spencer. I've had the pleasure of doing this with her before and I love it. It is a true joy to work with her. I always find that it is fun to work with another person's closet and style items that I do not normally get to. 

For this outfit I chose to stick with the classic black and pops of sparkle for the holidays. When she pulled this blouse out with the sparkly collar I knew I would have to use it in some way or another. Peter Pan collar + sparkles = perfection. In order to add some warmth I layered a black sweater over the blouse, rather than just throwing a simple black cardigan over it. The layered look creates some boyish charm, but the collar keeps it from going overboard. Balance is key. 

That is all for today friends. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will see y'all on Tuesday. 

Stay Golden,


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