Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strikes My Fancy Tuesday

So this is a new thing to Oh My Bliss and I am super excited for it because it is the time of the week that I get to share my love of the Internet with you all! Huzzah for isolation! *ahem* I mean huzzah for totally normal and functioning social lives... 

Regardless these will be brief posts about things on the interweb that struck my fancy throughout the week. 

1. This song is basically the anthem of my life right now. 

I'm broke, but "I'm not sinking, I'm just kicking it at sea level." This man is so incredibly talented and he has a direct link to my funny bone. I had the opportunity to meet him a couple weeks ago when I was working Warped Tour. It was magical. He was humble and just overwhelmingly awesome. You can check out more of his stuff here.

2. This powerful six word story:

3. This Shirt that I am pretty sure was made for me.

4. This magical Modcloth ode to one of my favourite sea creatures

5. These gnarly DIY bookends that I must make soon. Probably with dinos because dinosaurs. 

6. This Sherlolly fan art that made me smile. Also I really dig the pink socks.

7. These Vegan Chocolate Energy Balls of deliciousness that I've made like 4 times already... I may be eating them right now. Regardless they rock. Go eat them. 

8. This because I am actually so worried about it. SWEAR TO ME.

9. This playlist because let's be honest The Fault in Our Stars movie had an incredible soundtrack.

10. This picture from Saturday night when I saw PENTATONIX live in Allen, TX. It was unbelievable. 
photocred: Hayden. 

Thanks for tuning into my weekly dose of interweb lovin'. 

Stay Golden,



  1. Dying over that shirt....just dying. And that Sherlolly fan art is one of my favorites! Basically, I love everything in this post. ;)

    1. haha I know right? I am seriously tempted to buy it. I think I need it! Thank you so much Grace:)