Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Strikes My Fancy #29

Hello there and welcome to this week's Strikes My Fancy post. I've been working on this post for weeks y'all, but again I just found it difficult to come up with something worth sharing. Anyways, here goes nothing. Good music, fun prints, and witty posts await.

1. Valise- Don't Forget Me

Valise has quickly earned the title as one of my favourite bands. I've had their album Young Bloomer on repeat ever since it came out a couple weeks ago. If you have some free time I would suggest you also listen to Monster because it is fantastic. Check out the rest of their album on Spotify, or better yet purchase it on iTunes!

2. Yes you are. 

3. Well if this isn't the most accurate description of the second half of Spring semester, I don't know what is. 

4. Because what is life without a little bit of fluff?

5. Dat Alto Lyfe. 

6. Live Long and Prosper. RIP. 
Like I said, I've been working on this post for a while. It would be wrong if I didn't pay some sort of tribute to this man though, so better late than never. 

7. Yes. Just yes to all of this

8. This verse has really helped me a lot lately. 

9. Winchester Lovin'

10. So fresh and so clean clean.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll catch y'all later. Until then!

Stay Golden,



  1. Oh stop it, you. YOU'RE a peach. ;) I love all the graphics you find!

    The Starving Inspired

  2. Hi! I'm so happy to have found your blog! It is so cute and pretty! I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest post exchange with me for my blog. You can check out my fashion blog below! My email address is on my blog :)